A New Direction

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything lately.  That’s because I’ve been working on a new project I’m excited to share with you. I loved making the Reykjavík City Card guide so much that I’ve decided to do a whole load more of them and put them on their own website.  It’s going to be … More A New Direction

Short Fiction Spotlight

Maybe because my recent visit to Columbia, South Carolina was such a brief trip, I loved every second of my weekend. The scorecard: perfect weather, wonderful hosts, serendipitous simultaneous visits from two groups of D.C. friends, a mindblowing Indian dance competition – all culminating in a Megabus ride that included toilet paper in the bathroom and … More Short Fiction Spotlight

An Introduction

Welcome to Caravel Books, the literature wanderlust blog.   I’m committed to bringing you tales of cultural exploration through reading and travel.  In the spirit of exploration ushered by the invention of the caravel in the 15th century, I aim to travel more richly than sightseeing.   For each major city on my trip, I’ll … More An Introduction