Review: “The South” by Colm Tóibín (Barcelona)

A novel of the artistic community in Barcelona, The South charts the psychological fragmentation created by emigration and war. Seeking a divisive break from her family in Enniscorthy, Katherine Proctor flees across the Celtic Sea to Spain, where she slowly creates a new place for herself as a painter.  Her romantic entanglements force her to navigate the personal trauma of the Spanish … More Review: “The South” by Colm Tóibín (Barcelona)

World Book Day 2016

Happy World Book Day!! Typically around here, we focus on travel guides and books with a very specific setting. I wanted to take today to focus on another transportive genre – children’s fiction. Part of the appeal is the fact that these stories take me right back to my childhood. The magic of these books … More World Book Day 2016

Short Fiction Spotlight

Maybe because my recent visit to Columbia, South Carolina was such a brief trip, I loved every second of my weekend. The scorecard: perfect weather, wonderful hosts, serendipitous simultaneous visits from two groups of D.C. friends, a mindblowing Indian dance competition – all culminating in a Megabus ride that included toilet paper in the bathroom and … More Short Fiction Spotlight

Non-Western Fairy Tales Worth Celebrating

Today is National Tell a Fairy Tale Day. I’m guessing you think you already know all the good ones – glass slippers, evil old sea hags, seven little men…  Let’s set aside those well trodden tales for some non-western legends with the power to delight, enchant, and surprise listeners.  Need a little magic in your day?  Read on. … More Non-Western Fairy Tales Worth Celebrating