Comprehensive Must-Do Iceland Bucket List

Iceland is a small country with a lot to offer. Hit the highlights with this handy guide.

During our six day trip in March 2016, my traveling buddy and I accomplished a lot.  We rode Icelandic horses.  We saw lots of incredible art in museums and on city walls.  We got photographed by a women’s photography club from Akureyri.  I ran 8 miles in the volcano fields near Reykjavík.  We stayed out until 4am for a night of drunken debauchery, all for free – thank you to the guys from the running group!  I bought a handknit sweater.  We stewed in the thermal pools after a hard day of work (ahem, tourism – but there were plenty of locals there that had been working, so it counts).   We ate lots of hotdogs.  For a little healthy FOMO, you can read about all that here and here.

Obviously, an amazing time was had all around, yet there’s still a lot of stuff we didn’t get to experience.  Notice the Northern Lights are conspicuously missing.  Here’s a run down of what I aim to do on my future Icelandic journeys:

Before leaving:
  • Graduate from the Iceland Academy – such a cute idea
  • Pack only black and grey jeans and black shoes!
Things to eat:
  • Hit up Matur og Drykkur for the lamb’s head
  • Return to Jomfruin for the lamb steak
  • Buy alcohol at duty free – otherwise it’s very expensive to go out
Things to do in Reykjavík:
  • Befriend some Icelanders!
  • Go to service at Hallgrimskirkja
  • Visit every mural
  • Run the trail along the harbor
  • Take a photo at the Sun Voyager sculpture
  • Do the Walk the Crash tour – perfect for an econ nerd like me
  • Finish the Culture House – we hit floors 2-4 but ran out of time for the lower level because I was too busy raiding the giftshop for cool posters and postcards
  • People watch at the mall
  • See an event at Harpa
  • Take a cooking class
  • Buy a small bowl – I’m thinking this would be an inexpensive but useful item to start collecting as a souvenir
Things to do outside of Reykjavík:

And if that wasn’t enough…

Recommended websites:

So tell me, did I miss anything?  Are you booking your tickets to Iceland right now?  If you’ve been to Iceland, what was your experience?

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Iceland is a small country with a lot to offer. Hit the highlights with this handy guide.


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