Short Fiction Spotlight

The Historic Horseshoe at USC

Maybe because my recent visit to Columbia, South Carolina was such a brief trip, I loved every second of my weekend.

The scorecard: perfect weather, wonderful hosts, serendipitous simultaneous visits from two groups of D.C. friends, a mindblowing Indian dance competition – all culminating in a Megabus ride that included toilet paper in the bathroom and arrived on time (this is as good as it gets, folks).  It was wonderful curling up with my family and some Chipotle to watch the Oscars, however you feel about Chris Rock’s handling of the troubled ceremony.

In the spirit of what I set up this blog to do, I figure a short trip deserves a short story. Read on for one short piece about Columbia, and two more short works for the armchair traveler.

“The Appropriation of Cultures” by Percival Everett

Written before the Confederate flag was removed from the grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse following the 2015 massacre in Charleston, Everett’s charming short story shows cultural appropriation as a weapon.

“The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles” by Arielle Seidman

In this universally relatable tale (rendered as a one-act play), a woman struggles with the mundane tragedy of a visit to the DMV.  Full of grace, humor, and poignancy.

“Dissed Fish” by Calvin Trillin

This hilarious piece takes readers to South Africa, where two friends set off on a nostalgic quest.  You can hear Trillin reading the story himself here.

Teal Caravel Square


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